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BusinessSuite Accounting – The perfect tool for your business.

BusinessSuite Accounting is a diverse business management package, designed for businesses in all markets and industries. The software includes all of the core accounting functionality you would expect of a total business solution, as well as being easy to use, fully multi-user and network aware.

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Financial Tools for Big Business

With multiple stock locations, unlimited users, full audit trails, more than 750 customisable reports, unlimited ledger codes for the chart of accounts and so much more, BusinessSuite Financials has all the features and functions your business needs.

Easy To Use

BusinessSuite's intuitive interface, LaunchPad, means every function you need is on the screen all the time. To make things even easier, detailed and context-sensitive help throughout the program means that getting help is always as close as your F1 key. Plus, extensive drill-downs, consistent navigation principles and unique icons mean BusinessSuite is easier to use than most software.

Powerful GST / BAS Collection

Why stress about your BAS form? BusinessSuite’s GST collection takes care of the calculations for you. GST is collected automatically and all you need to do to get your BAS figures is click Go. The information is permanently stored and reconciliation reports keep your accountant and the ATO happy.

Superior Stock Control

Without good stock control, your profits might just slip through your fingers. BusinessSuite’s tightly integrated Inventory module keeps you in charge. Multiple locations, assemblies and kits, production history, stock counts, barcodes, budgets and matrix pricing are just some of the features that make BusinessSuite’s stock control comprehensively superior.

Complete Control Over Sales

The ability to sell and supply your products is the cornerstone of your business. With a fast and integrated Point Of Sale module for retailers and a powerful Invoicing system for direct sales, BusinessSuite has all the options you need. Customise your invoice formats, use contract pricing, make multiple deliveries, track and fulfil backorders, control shifts, and use a cash draw, scanner or customised keyboard. No matter how you sell your goods, BusinessSuite adapts to your needs.

Flexible Pricing... Powerful Profit

Matrix, contract and promotional pricing, product group discounts and 10 levels of standard pricing make BusinessSuite’s pricing capabilities more flexible than you’d think was possible. Along with this, proficient handling of backorders means BusinessSuite helps you take the reins of your company and drive your profitability.

Excellent Customer Service

The Customers, Contact Manager and related modules in BusinessSuite let you keep a close track of your customers. The ability to keep notes on conversations, complete transaction history, drill downs to source documents, automatic pricing control and more will make sure you are never out of step with your customers again.

Purchase with Precision

How are you going to make the most of your sales if your purchases aren’t kept in check? BusinessSuite’s wholly integrated purchasing system means you can purchase stock, track backorders, pay suppliers when you like and keep your stock items at their most efficient levels. All these functions and more, plus a massive quantity of invaluably informative reports on stock, orders and creditors, will make every sale count. Now you can keep up with supply and demand.

Safety, Security, Success

The security in BusinessSuite means only those with the right access can open the program and then modify your data once inside. A log in prompt, report security levels and profiles that control access to all modules, plus a full audit trail let you make sure your data is always in the right hands.

Money in The Bank

Banking in BusinessSuite is a snap with multiple bank accounts, cheque printing, reconciliation, deposits, payments, fee entry, comprehensive history lists and informative reports. BusinessSuite gives you all the banking services you need - without the queues!

Online Communications

All of BusinessSuite's commanding products are fully integrated with online features that your company will find invaluable and easy to use. Send and receive messages between your staff and the Internet with in-built Email, create electronic payment files for your Suppliers, fax or email your invoices, upgrade your program automatically from the Internet, even visit our website from the Help menu. BusinessSuite is totally connected.

Flexible Data Exchange

Using the flexible data exchange features of BusinessSuite, you can transfer data between BusinessSuite and other programs to create letters for your customers, build a financial spreadsheet and update your BusinessSuite data from an external source. This simple data integration also provides fast and trouble-free migration from your existing accounting package.


BusinessSuite includes over 1000 standard reports, as well as allowing for customisation. All report information can be exported to a spreadsheet program, a text file or a html file for the web. With support for high speed dot matrix printing, as well as formats for laser and bubblejet printers, BusinessSuite will give you all you ever wanted from your reports.

In-Depth Analysis

Use the Customers, Inventory and Staff Analysis modules to get an in-depth look at the turnover and profitability of your customers, products and staff. With all the analysis you can poke a stick at, you’ll be able to fuel your profits and stay in the black.

Find What You Need

BusinessSuite's extensive listing and search capabilities make it fast and easy to find whatever you are looking for. As well as a list of information in each module that can be filtered, BusinessSuite provides a Find function that lets you search for an item based on information you enter. The frustration of finding something important is over thanks to BusinessSuite's extensive search and find features.

Budget for Anything

Budgets can be entered throughout BusinessSuite to set targets for sales, costs and profits values. Various tabs such as the Financials tab of the relevant module will display the budget levels that you have set. On top of this, your information can be viewed as a graph, allowing you to see how well you’re doing just by looking.

Recall Your History

BusinessSuite keeps a detailed history of all the transactions you perform in the program - and keeps them forever. No transactions are deleted at the end of a period and you can keep your history for the full five years. BusinessSuite displays details such as the date, the source of the transaction, a description, any relevant debit or credit amounts and even the user name of the staff member who performed the transaction. With this kind of extensive history, you will always know exactly what has been going on.

Store Your Documents

Most BusinessSuite modules come complete with a document storage facility which allows you to scan and store images and documents that are relevant to a record. For example, you might like to scan a copy of the supplier's invoice and attach it to your purchase order. In addition, you can also use the Documents Setup module to create document types, launch a program, create the document and attach it automatically - ideal for customised letters.

Stay In Touch

BusinessSuite's invaluable Workgroup modules let you stay in touch with your plans, your staff and your contacts. With Email and Broadcast for sending messages, Sticky Notes for reminders and a Diary and Task List to help you plan your day, BusinessSuite will keep you up to date and connected.

Free Updates

Why buy software that makes you pay for each new feature? Doesn’t seem very cost effective. At BusinessSuite, our software is evolutionary (as well as revolutionary) so you get new features as they are created - for free! You can get our releases straight from the internet (or on CD) and do your own upgrades when it suits you.

Made in Australia

All BusinessSuite products have been designed for Australian conditions and meet all relevant statutory requirements. This means each quality product gives you all the information you'll need to pass on to the Australian Tax Office and support for the software is locally based and readily available.