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BusinessSuite Accounting – The perfect tool for your business.

BusinessSuite Accounting is a diverse business management package, designed for businesses in all markets and industries. The software includes all of the core accounting functionality you would expect of a total business solution, as well as being easy to use, fully multi-user and network aware.

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Point Of Sale Module

The Point of Sale module is ideal for retail outlets requiring a simple, high speed sales solution.

The module is specially designed for keyboard functionality to allow for speed and ease of use. You can even hook up a customised point of sale keyboard for greater flexibility.

The Point of Sale module is also designed to use shifts and cash draws for easier cash control and reconciliations.

Key Features:

Simplified structure displays large fonts and does not require a mouse

Integrated into all other modules, including Inventory

Allows Laybys

Supports Shifts and cash processing

High speed text or thermal receipt printing, including line by line print mode


The tabs in the Point Of Sale module let you enter the contact details of the customer, goods to be bought, returned or laybyed, comments on the sale and the details of any payments made.

The Point Of Sale module can be used to create Dockets, Laybys and Returns.
Integrate With Inventory
When you create a docket, you can enter goods to be sold to the customer.

The Point Of Sale module is linked to Inventory so that information on the goods you enter is included automatically (such as the price, the tax code and so on).

With the press of a button, a list of all the items in your Inventory module opens and each new selection appears on a separate line.

You can also enter comment lines and non-inventory items created at the time of sale.
Payment for a docket can be entered directly using the Payment ActionButtons.

Each denomination of notes can be entered using an ActionButton, and an additional ActionButton opens a dialog to enter spare change, payment by another type and so on.

When a payment is made, it is displayed on the Payments tab of the Point Of Sale module.
Customer Details
You can insert a customer on a docket from an account in the Customers module, or make the docket to cash and enter the contact details manually.

Whichever method you use, the details for the customer are shown in the Customer Details tab of the Point Of Sale module.

The customer information is stored on each docket, allowing you to export or print the information and perform mailouts.
The Shifts ActionButton lets you start or end a shift for the Point of Sale module.

Shifts allow you to start the day (or other period) with an opening cash draw float. You then end the shift when it is over and make sure the money in the draw matches the computer.

You can also print a list of your shift totals and match them against the count at the end of the day. The shift records are stored permanently, so you can print a shift report at any time.

Money In Draw
A very useful feature of the Point Of Sale module is the Money in Draw function, which will open a dialog listing all the payment types and the corresponding amounts of each that should be in your cash draw.
Till Payments
The Till Pay function lets you make payments directly to or from the cash draw. The same function is used to pay in or out of the till with the relevant function indicated by selecting a radio button.

For example, if you wanted to take $100 from the draw for expenses, you would click the Till Pay ActionButton to open a dialog for entering the amount to be paid out and then select the Make Payment From the Till radio button. Next, you can enter the amount to be paid in or out in the Payment Amount field and a description for the transaction in the Payment Description field. When you click OK, the program will automatically update your cash in draw total and the General Ledger..
Details Mode
When entering a docket, the Details ActionButton gives you access to a number of other functions that let you change or enter information on the docket.

For example, the Comments ActionButton opens a dialog that lets you enter comments that will appear on the docket (and some that won’t).

The Salesperson function opens a list of the users on your system that lets you change the salesperson for the docket.

If you enter the job code to which the docket relates in the Entry Details area and click the Codes ActionButton, it will be entered as the job code for the docket.
Progress Printing
As the Point Of Sale module is designed to support the fastest possible entry of information, the printing system includes the added speed of progress printing.

Progress printing allows you to print each line of the docket as the product information is entered rather than waiting until the end of the docket before printing begins.

Using progress printing reduces the time the customer will need to wait for the transaction to be completed. The footer of the receipt is normally kept short (usually just the totals and the docket number), so the docket has finished printing by the time the change has been taken from the cash draw.