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BusinessSuite Accounting – The perfect tool for your business.

BusinessSuite Accounting is a diverse business management package, designed for businesses in all markets and industries. The software includes all of the core accounting functionality you would expect of a total business solution, as well as being easy to use, fully multi-user and network aware.

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All BusinessSuite products are sold on a per simultaneous user basis. This means you need the same number of licences as the number of users you who plan to use the BusinessSuite product at the same time, regardless of the number of computers on which you wish to install the BusinessSuite products.

This gives you the freedom to purchase the software to suit your business requirements, rather than paying for software you will not need.

BusinessSuite can connect to two database engines, FireBird SQL and Microsoft SQL. The full Firebird SQL client and servers are included at no charge, as they are available in the public domain. The Microsoft SQL database is licensed and installed as a separate application, so only the client libraries are included.

When you decide to purchase your BusinessSuite product, contact BusinessSuite Australia who can provide pricing tailored to your business requirements. You may also be able to obtain other services, including consulting, installation and on-going support.

    BusinessSuite Accounting         $2000 per user

All prices are Recommended Retail Price, including GST, per licensed user.