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BusinessSuite Accounting – The perfect tool for your business.

BusinessSuite Accounting is a diverse business management package, designed for businesses in all markets and industries. The software includes all of the core accounting functionality you would expect of a total business solution, as well as being easy to use, fully multi-user and network aware.

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Suppliers Module

The Suppliers module allows you to keep track of the money you owe and track and control your purchases.

Key Features:

Store unlimited supplier accounts

View turnover and budget information from live data

View complete transaction history

Check purchases history and outstanding backorders

View Contact, Task and Diary information linked to the supplier

Easy to read graphs

Set Company, Pickup and Postal addresses


Contact Details Contact details for your supplier are recorded on the Main and Addresses tabs in the module. You can add the name of a contact and then search your suppliers using that name, the name of the company or the unique account code you have created.
The Suppliers Activity module is used to perform transactions with the balances owed to your suppliers. All outstanding transactions are displayed in the activity grid.

You can use the module to record the payments you make and then allocate them to the correct orders.

You can make adjustments, withhold payments for non-compliance with GST laws and save the cheque details you enter to create a history entry in the Bank module.

There is also an option to print the cheques that you enter and print a remittance slip to send off with the payment.
Bank Payment Transfers
The Bank Payment Transfers function allows you to create an online banking transfer file from the payments to your supplier.

The function is available as an ActionButton from within Suppliers Activity. The button opens a list of all the payments you have made.

From the list, all you have to do is select the payments that you want to include in the transfer file and the program creates the file for you. This file can then be used with your bank’s software to make EFT payments to your supplier’s account.

The Totals tab in the Suppliers Bank Transfer dialog will show you the values in different payment types (such as Visa, Cash or Cheque) in the transfer as transactions are selected.
Convenient Drill-downs
The Suppliers module links to many of the other modules inside BusinessSuite using a double-click of the mouse.

A number of lines in the History tab will take you to the source on the line. For example, a history line for an order will open the Orders module with the document in question displayed.

Any listing in the Documents tab will open the file in the associated program (such as Microsoft Word).
Head Office Accounts
If you deal with a supplier where you purchase from many branches, creating a head office account makes the process simple.

You can make payments to all of the sub-accounts (through the head office) at the same time and in the same place, rather than working with them individually.
Move Transactions
If another supplier is to be paid for a transaction, for whatever reason, the Move Transaction function lets you move a transaction between the two accounts. The program will then update the information for the alternative account.
The Budgets function allows you to set budgets for the business you do with your suppliers.

By setting expected activity values, you can compare the actual values and change your trade as you see fit.

A Graph tab is included in Suppliers so that this comparison is made easy.
The available reports that are specific to the Suppliers module will show you everything from a list of your suppliers to a detailed breakdown of the transaction history for each one.
Document Storage
The Documents tab of the Suppliers module allows the storage of documents relating to the supplier.

Using a scanner, you can scan any relevant document and insert it on the supplier’s record. It is also simple enough to attach a document you have created in another program (for example a letter created in a word processing program).

If you use the Documents Setup module to create document types, you can launch a program, create the document and attach it automatically. This function is ideal for customised letters.

BusinessSuite can create Microsoft Word documents that include substitution fields. These fields will be replaced with the correct value from the Supplier’s information in BusinessSuite.
Import/Export Data
With the Import/Export function, you can import a file from another program to update your Suppliers database or export some of your data to use in another application.

A step-by-step wizard guides you through the process, which is as simple as selecting the information to be imported or exported and the destination file.
Find Function
The Find function lets you search for a supplier, or a piece of information on a supplier, using a number of different parameters.

The Find ActionButton opens a dialog that lets you enter information on the contents of different fields and a relationship between each criterion.

The results of the search are displayed in the Suppliers Find Results window which can be used to locate each supplier and examine the details. Double-clicking on an item will open the supplier in the Suppliers module.
Automatic GST Calculation
When you make an adjustment to a supplier's account using the Activity function, BusinessSuite calculates the GST portion of the transaction automatically. When you enter the adjustment amount and press Tab, the program calculates the GST portion and displays it in the GST Portion field.
Statement Review
The Statement Review function in the Suppliers Activity module lets you review all the statements that have been created for each supplier. The Suppliers Statement Review dialog displays lets you scroll through each supplier and each statement that has been created for them.

From this dialog box, if you click on an entry within the grid it contains, you can drill down to the source document (eg an order).
Allocations Review
The Allocations Review function in the Suppliers Activity module lets you view all the allocations that have been made on a suppliers account. The Suppliers Allocation Review dialog box displays a list of allocations as well as the entries sent to the General Ledger.